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    Anjum Mandani

    There are some workplaces in the US (Long term care facilities in particular) that have made vaccination a requirement for employment – what are your thoughts on how making vaccination a requirement might interact with the already existing skepticism around the bureaucracy and the science of the development of the covid19 vaccine?

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    Craig A Gordon

    I can see both sides of this debate, unfortunately and come in on the side of mandatory vaccinations. The reason for my thinking is that vulnerable populations should be protected from exposure to disease. Long term care facilities here in Canada have had extremely high levels of fatalities. It is simply a responsible act to have employees of these facilities vaccinate. I would make the same argument for teachers. They deal with large number of different people all day long. Schools strike me as super spreader events waiting to be unleashed.

    How does this feature into people’s distrust? Unfortunately there are people who simply will not accept science and what could be termed “best practices”. Too bad. I think at the point we are at, it is hard for anyone to rationally suggest the pandemic is a hoax, vaccines are responsible for autism, Bill Gates is injecting us with teaching devices or any other conspiracy mambo jumbo. The right to live, the right to be free of disease – or as as fully protected as reasonably possible – takes precedence over another’s right to be ignorant of the facts, the right to spread harm or the right to deny others of their health.

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