Current research related to Medical Anthropology in the department draws from a broad field of expertise that foregrounds social, cultural, psychological, and biological perspectives and includes:

  • Blog Editor, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Race, Citizenship, Quechua Indigenous, Migration, Peru, Venezuela, Latin America (Rebecca Irons)
  • Health Behaviour, Migration and Reproductive Decision Making in Rural Africa (Sara Randall)
  • Science and Medicine of Immunology and Personhood in South East Asia (David Napier)
  • Psychiatry and Medicine in Caribbean, Albania and Britain (Roland Littlewood)
  • Genomic Knowledge/Technologies, Biosocialities and  Cancer in, UK, Cuba and Brazil (Sahra Gibbon)
  • The anthropology of ethics and mindfulness-based therapy in the UK & Thailand (Joanna Cook)
  • Healing Rituals and Psychiatric Care among the Navajos and in Bhutan; Patients’ Experiences of Treatment and the Culture of Medicine in the US and UK (Joseph Calabrese)
  • The anthropology of ethics, intimacy, and the body amongst women in Somaliland (Caroline Ackley)
  • Health behaviour and behaviour change through the use of participatory visual methodologies (Dalia Iskander)
  • Health and human development in sub-Saharan Africa; focussing on the health implications of mass schooling, forced migration, and food and water insecurity (Edward ‘Jed’ Stevenson)
  • Identity constructions in the United Arab Emirates, new techniques in self-described cyborg technology in Europe (Aaron Parkhurst)
  • Christian and other religious conceptions and experiences of embodiment in China and Taiwan, Teaching Fellow in Medical and Social Anthropology (Gareth Breen)
  • The anthropology of ageing, care, and loneliness in the US and UK, Teaching Fellow in Biosocial Medical Anthropology (Carrie Ryan)