Co-Existing with COVID-19: Moving into the Post-Pandemic World with the Social Sciences

CLAIRE SOMERVILLE. The Pandemic Push to Rethink the Field Site: New Intimacies and De-masking in Medical Anthropology and Global Health. A Reflective Blog.

CLARA FABIAN-THEROND. Mapping out the Affect of Covid-19 on Cancer Care in the UK: Reflections on a Changed Landscape

MARÍA FLORENCIA BLANCO ESMORIS. From Transmutation to Strangeness: The House under Scrutiny

GEGER RIYANTO. The Making of a Paper Crisis: Coexisting with COVID-19 in Indonesia

GRAHAM WILKES. The Case Against The ‘Singularity’

PARAS ARORA. Caring in the times of Corona

MARTA ABATEPAULO DE FARIA. The Virus And Fear: How Will We Deal With These Two Pandemics?

CRISTINA DOUGLAS. Lives and Deaths with Dementia During Covid-19: Our Shameful (But Hopefully Transformative) Post-Pandemic Legacy

TIFFANY LOERA. It’s More Than A Juxtaposition: On Discussing Black Lives Matter Demonstrations in the ‘Land of the Free’ and the COVID-19 Pandemic

OBINDRA B. CHAND. Pain and Plight of People with Disabilities during COVID-19 Pandemic: Reflections from Nepal

INAYAT ALI. Goethe wears a mask against COVID-19

MAXIME POLLERI. Patterns of Contamination: From Fukushima to COVID-19

ROSIE SIMS. Vectors And Viruses: What Coexisting With Mosquitoes Can Teach Us About Living With Coronavirus

GARETH BREEN. ‘Maybe When All This Is Over Jesus Will Come Back’: Crisis, Post-Crisis And Millenarian Time

GUL DENIZ SALALI. How Our Behaviour Affects Virus Evolution

ROSIE MATHERS. Cowboys and Coronavirus: Protesting Covid-19 in ‘The Land of the Free’

Consciously Quarantined: A COVID-19 Response from the Social Sciences

TILAK PAREKH. God’s Daily Briefings: Religious Leadership in a Global Pandemic

JOSH BABCOCK. Memes, Migrants, And the Epidemiological Imagination

DEVASHREE JUVEKAR. Pandemic Predictions- The World Post-Covid-19 for Indian Females

TIFFANY LOERA. Mental Health Avenues Amidst A Global Pandemic: Conceptualising the Biosocial Medical Framework Within Urban ‘Green Spaces’

CATARINA DELAUNAY. Sociological Reflections in Times of Change and Uncertainty: Surveillance, Control and Punishment.

CATARINA DELAUNAY. Sociological Reflections in Times of Change and Uncertainty: Managing Risk, Trying to Adapt and Being Creative

JAMES FOTHERBY. The ‘Invisible Enemy’: A Critical Look at the Use of Military Metaphors and Anthropomorphisation During The COVID-19 Pandemic

HÜSLER SAMIRA-SALOMÉ & PYTHON ANNICK MARIA ILDIKO. Trench Warfare of Mindsets in Switzerland’s Approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic

VAS PAPAGEORGIOU, WILL KENDALL AND LIDIA LUNA PUERTA. COVID-19 Stories: How PhD Students are Experiencing Disruption and Uncertainty During the Pandemic

KIM CROWDER. Equine PPID Connectivities and Covid-19: 2020 Journal Reflections

FRANCESCO FLORIS. “In Beijing They Eat Snakes and Then Pig Out”: Xenophobia, Geopolitics, and the Role of the Italian Far-Right in Covid-19 Constructions of China

INGA AENNE FELDMANN. Why do we talk about Eurobonds? Or: The Big Division in the Euro Area

CHRISTIAN UNGRUHE. A Lesson in Composure: Learning from Migrants in Times of Covid-19

MANUELA PELLEGRINO. “Getting Closer” Through Art: Facebook and Turning to Art in The Time of Covid-19

CAMILA RUIZ SEGOVIA. In the Midst of COVID 19, The Search for The Missing in Mexico Continues.

LUCIA STAVIG. Experiencing Corona Virus in the Andes.

MAGDALENA GÓRALSKA. The New Public Care: Seeking Coronavirus Truth through Networked Publics.

YI-CHENG WU. The Logic of ‘Advanced Deployment’ to Tackle COVID-19 in Taiwan

ERIC ORLOWSKI. Towards A Bright Post-Apocalypse

KOMAL BHATIA. Post-Pandemic Eating: What Will Food Culture Look Like After COVID-19?

SAHRA GIBBON, LEWIS DALY, AARON PARKHURST, CARRIE RYAN, GUL DENIZ SALALI AND ALEX TASKER. Biosocial Medical Anthropology in the Time of Covid-19. New Challenges and Opportunities.

CATHERINE TOURANGEAU. Revisiting Defoe, or: Why History Matters in the Time of Covid-19.

LI HONGLIN. The Past 60-plus Days in China: Covid-19 Perspectives from a Wuhan-native


S. AKINMAYỌWA LAWAL & JIMOH AMZAT. Rapid Public Health Enlightenment (RPHE) to Curb the Continued Spread Of COVID-19 in Nigeria

KEKETSO PEETE. “South Africa Suffering from Three Pandemics: COVID-19, Ignorance, Stupidity”

HACER GÖREN. COVID-19: A Simulacrum of the Climate Crisis?

MONICA MINNEGAL AND PETER DWYER. God, health and COVID-19 in remote Papua New Guinea

FATHI RAYYAN. Global Distrust & the Future of Multilateralism: Reflection on International Relations and Covid-19

HARRY FLETCHER. Technologies of Public Security: Deploying Imaginary Borders.

ANA GRETEL ECHAZÚ BÖSCHEMEIER & PINGRÉWAOGA BÉMA ABDOUL HADI SAVADOGO. Brasil, A Quarentena Como Possibilidade: Um Diálogo Africano E Sul-Americano

JESSICA GHATODE. Vulnerability of the Indian Poor.

GEGER RIYANTO. Hope in the Time of Corona: Indonesia

MONICA MINNEGAL AND PETER DWYER. Communication, Privilege and the Ironies of Isolation: From Melbourne To Papua New Guinea

MARÍA FLORENCIA BLANCO ESMORIS. Another Day in Quarantine: The Transmutation of The House

LOUIS A.G. WILKES. The Sleeping Bull in a China Shop.

MOHAMMAD TAREQ HASAN. Homecoming from The City: Covid-19 & Dhaka

MOHAMMAD TAREQ HASAN. Pandemics/ Epidemics and the Social Body in Bangladesh

ELIZABETH ELLIOTT. Protecting the Boundaries, Keeping A Strong Heart in Laos


NUZRATH JAHAN. Privilege in The Times of Crisis: Musings of A Field Epidemiology Trainee in India

TILAK PAREKH. Hinduism & Coronavirus: How the Digital Becomes Sacred

SARA SALVATORI. 2009 Mexico Swine Flu – 2020 Italy Covid19: How I Experienced A Double Quarantine

FRANCESCO FLORIS. Italy’s Hidden Epidemic: The Shadow of the Mafia over Post-Emergency Europe

SHARLI ANNE PAPHITIS. Anxiety, Scarcity and Precarity in a Time of COVID-19


BERND BRABEC DE MORI. Humankind Crowned – Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Virus.

KLAUS HOEYER, AMY CLOTWORTHY, AND NAJA HULVEJ ROD. Viral solidarity and the reinvention of a welfare state: Reflections from Denmark

CORALINE CUI YA PING. “When the Cherry Blossoms, we will meet again in Wuhan”: A COVID-19 Photo Essay.

CORALINE CUI YA PING. “When the Cherry Blossoms, we will meet again in Wuhan”: A Nurse’s Reflections

MARIA JOSE ROMERO, JASMINE GIDEON, PATRICIA MIRANDA, VERONICA SERAFINI. Latin America and the outbreak of COVID-19: a chronicle of multiple crises (I)

MARIA JOSE ROMERO, JASMINE GIDEON, PATRICIA MIRANDA, VERONICA SERAFINI. Latin America and the outbreak of COVID-19: a chronicle of multiple crises (II)

RACHEL IRWIN. The ‘Swedish Experiment’

MAGRITH MENA PORTOCARRERO. A Postcolonial Question Regarding the Swedish Coronavirus Policy.

ELISA T. BERTUZZO. Coronavirus as infra-structural crisis: Some thoughts from locked-down India.

MAXIME POLLERI. Thinking Ahead on Post-COVID-19 Vulnerabilities.

SCOTT SPIVEY PROVENCIO. Toward an Anthropology of ‘Foreign Bodies’: Migrant Health in the Age of Coronavirus.

REBECCA IRONS. Quarantime: Disruption of Routine and the Global Suspension of Lived Temporalities.

CRISTINA DOUGLAS. “Stay Safe, Shirley. I’ll See You Shortly!”

CATHERINE BORRA. Biosocial Rehabilitation and Building Futures During the Global Pandemic.

FRANCESCO DIODATI. Care Labour and Isolation in Italy: New Ethical Challenges Part Two.

FRANCESCO DIODATI. Care Labour and Isolation in Italy: New Ethical Challenges Part One.

LORRAN LIMA. Covid-19 in Brazil: Politics and Society.

BARBARA ARISI. Indigenous in the Brazilian Amazon: Refusing Missionaries and ‘Us’, the Global Plague.

RITTI SONCCO. Lessons for Self-Isolation from Chronically Ill Patients.

MARIA LARRAIN. Stuck Between A Rock and A Hard Place: Risk Assessment and Ethical Dilemmas in the Time of Covid-19.

ALEXIA LIAKOUNAKOU. Life Under Quarantine, and now Surveillance: A Dispatch from Greece.

LOUIS A G WILKES. Memoirs from A Month in the Future.

LUCY NEILAND. COVID-19: We are the ‘underlying conditions’

ADAM LEON BRISLEY. Coronavirus and Capitalist Realism.

DARREN OLLERTON. Coronavirus- Is this our Microbiopolitical Moment?

LAURA MONTESI. Same Virus, Different Temporalities: Anticipations from Mexico.

REBECCA IRONS. Grasping for Unity in a Divided Britain: Ageism, Brexit-Era Politics & the COVID-19 ‘Boomer Remover’

GEORGIANA MURARIU. Coronavirus and Social Isolation: 16 Insights from Digital Anthropology.

CALUDIA FONSECA. Connections During Coronavirus. From Cuba to Brazil.

SAHRA GIBBON. COVID-19 In Cuba. Some Reflections from the Beginning of the crisis.

Anthropological Approaches to Understanding Child & Maternal Mortality (Ethiopia)

SIMEGN TADESSS & EYOEL TAYE. “Let Them Talk About Stillbirth: Assessment on Societal Knowledge and Attitude Towards Stillbirth in Harar City”

KETEMA DEGEFA & ADUGNA TADESSE. “Health-seeking behavior and community perceptions of childhood Malnutrition in Children under five in the Case of Eastern Hararghe: Kersa District”

FIKADU NUGUSU. “Neonatal Danger Signs Knowledge and Health Care Seeking Behavior among Mothers in Gasera District, Bale Zone, Ethiopia”

BERHANU DAMISE, KETEMA DEGEFA & CAROLINE ACKLEY. “Qualitative to clinical: Community perceptions of causes of child death and approaches to sensitization of biomedical interventions in Eastern Hararghe, Ethiopia”

YENENESH TILAHUN. Anthropological Approaches To Understanding Child & Maternal Mortality

CAROLINE ACKLEY, TIMOTHY CARROLL & AARON PARKHURST. Global Engagement Fund takes UCL Anthropology to Ethiopia