CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Consciously (Re)Quarantined

As nations across Europe find the inevitable domino of new national lockdowns knocking into them, we may all approach ‘this time’ differently from the last. During the interim a lot has happened to reconfigure our realities, both politically and pandemically: Black Lives Matter, the US elections, the French terrorist attacks…sparks are flying, and we all know the virus a little better. What have we learned since the previous lockdown? What did quarantine teach us? What might we do differently this time?

In the previous global quarantine, the UCL Medical Anthropology Blog hosted, and was visited by, record numbers of people wishing to engage with the pandemic through a conscientious social scientific lens. As we enter into new quarantines, we find the need to do so again. As such, we invite short submissions (300-600) words reflecting on the above questions, new quarantines, political reflections, and more.

Please submit to Rebecca (, Sahra (, Aaron (, and Jo (

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